Amy Finkelstein

Amy Finkelstein

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Illinibucks: Buying Tme

Illinibucks may be useful when incoming freshman students are first selecting University Housing, rather than utilizing a random lottery system as is currently in place. Illinibucks may also be a major help whenever students are in a bind and need to get somewhere very quickly such as to cut to the front of an extremely long line at the grocery store or when running late to class to take the fast lane to the front counter when you need a caffeine fix and there’s a line out the door at a coffee shop.
            My ideal Illinibuck would be used to extend time and deadlines. Throughout my college career I have struggled to manage my time efficiently and effectively. To be quite honest, I’d prefer that the days we 48 rather than 24 to fit in more activities, classes, research, a job, that swing dance class I have always meant to take. Per se I had an incredibly hectic week, and was scraping by just barely finishing assignments, forced by the t-me crunch to do the bare minimum just to fit every class, extracurricular and life commitment in to the narrow bounds of time! This epic mental battle of the quicksand hour glass- racing against the clock on a day to day basis; at some point or another this is every college student’s reality! We want it all. Could you blame us though? During the college years the world is truly your oyster if you choose to take the initiative, strive for it, and make so. Moving on from that slightly impassioned rant, the power to control time and deadlines, to buy extensions on homework or an extra day to study on an exam could make all the difference in a college student’s life. Rather than acting as a direct route to the “front of the line” using Illinibucks to schedule your time would allow you to get ahead in terms of the “quality of work” and would enable you to truly put forth your best efforts when “lack of time” is your primary adversary. In the realms of test taking and exam preparation, buying that extra day could easily mean the difference between an “A” and a “D” and give the student a opportunity to excel in the class as well as to devote enough energy to other commitments.
            If the administration price was too low, students may approach the Illinibuck system opportunistically to their short term benefit and detriment in the long run. In the case of buying time on exams and homework, Illinibucks could encourage students to slack or promote the formation of habits of procrastination. Cheap Illinibucks would remove the pressure to excel and work hard and destroy the entire purpose of deadlines to motivate student progress and create academic stagnancy. If the price of the Illinibuck was too high most students couldn’t afford it and its benefits would only be reserved to the wealthier students. This unequal distribution may build negative sentiments in the student body and give wealthier students and unfair advantage academically over those who could not afford to “buy” and extended deadlin

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  1. You are not the first student who has told me that they are over programmed. The solution may not be time management but rather prioritization such that some activities are dropped from the list entirely. The bigger picture concern is that while you learn to keep many balls in the air at the same time, you don't learn how to do anything with depth and personal commitment.

    I didn't really understand your middle paragraph. I did get that as you turn your attention to studying for an exam that you then want more time. But where is the congestion? If it were the custom to have a few students be allowed to take a makeup exam on a first come first served basis, that would do it. But I've never heard of that happening.